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29 kwietnia 2016

Our projects

Projects 2012

The photo gallery includes:
• building of sections of boards for an polish cooperation partner  - December 2012
• done work for GSR Gdańsk - water-craft Draken - installation of foundation of dredger
• done work for GSR Gdańsk - September 2012 - water-craft Remlift - replacement of the deck of forecastle ca Remlift is a new name for the water-craft Giant 4. It is an submersible ship for transporting heavy and large-size shiploads. Some time ago it was the ship, that raised the wreck of russian atomic ship Kursk. At the time, after rebuilding, is it a floating dock for lifting of oil platforms.
• locksmithing and welding works
• welding works at water-craft Raba - June/July 2012
• building of aluminium construction of funnel for an german cooperation partner - March 2012
• building of dock for an polish client
• building of hull for an polish client


Projects 2013

The photo gallery includes sample projects from 2013:
• rubbing strakes exchange on water-craft TYGRYS
• building of block boards on water-craft HARTMAN
• an operation at turning of a bow of a ship on a barge for an polish cooperation partner

Projects 2014

The photo gallery includes photos from as follows works: 
• works on an oil platform for Remontowa S.A.
• aluminium sections for an german client Lemwerder Germany ca
• done works for a shipyard Djupvik Sweden


Projects 2015

The photo gallery includes photos from as follows works: 
• finished product of work of our staff in 2014
• repair of a cran - Germany - January 2015 
• service on water-craft FLEX EMDEN - Hamburg
• building of aluminium sections for an german client - February/March 2015
• repair of aluminium hull of a ship - Germany - April 2015
• repair of slip trolleys - Germany - April 2015 MS BLEICHEN

General cargo ship, that was building in 1958 in Nobiskrug Shipyard in Rendsburg for the company HM Gehrckens from Hamburg. The length of this watercraft: 93 meters, the width: 12,3 meters, the displacement: 4,7 meters.
At the moment is the ship a museum water-craft under repair. The repair should make it great again.
After repair has the ship to become the prominent symbol of the city Hamburg.

Projects 2016

Water-craft MAZOVIA - February 2016